March 2016 in Photos

This month, travels around California. 1) Yosemite.  2) In Los Angeles, my friend Ted at the shuffle board.  3) Visiting LACMA. Toddler loves the Richard Serra and kept running in and out of its spaces.  4) Love the bright yellow door on this house.


February 2016 in Photos

1) Celebrating the new year at San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade. 2) Even the ramen from Muji is satisfyingly elegant.  3) Textures in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco.  4) Macaroons! I was surprised by how easy they are to make.


January 2016 in Photos

1) I am terrible at plants. I got some succulents last year, thinking they would be easier to care for, but they have proved to be more fragile than I expected. I have had better luck with tilandsia, like this one, which I bought at Flora… Read More