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March 2014 in Photos

April 13, 2014

1) Taking a snack break at Vik’s Chaat Corner in Berkeley.  2) March, to me, is about CAAMfest. This year I was honored to be one of three people serving on the narrative films jury.  3) Being in Boston for a conference meant that a stop into Dunkin’ Donuts was a must. We have none in San Francisco.  4) The flight back west. Exhausted by two packed days (especially being on the East Coast on a West Coast clock) but grateful to meet so many people working to improve the lives of youth at the National Summit on Creative Youth Development.

February 2014 in Photos

March 5, 2014

1)  Shadows on the street. 2) Spring comes early to San Francisco.  3) A wall in Temescal, Oakland.  4) Kitchen fail.


January 2014 in Photos

February 22, 2014

Belated January photo diary. 1) Started off 2014 by saying goodbye to Cafe Du Nord, such a great little music venue. My friend Goh Nakamura played on its second to last night.  2) Stuck on a Muni train, a frequent occurrence.  3) One of my favorite ways to treat myself on a Thursday is to go to the Ferry Building where they have food stalls set up outside and to get the BBQ Chicken Sando from Namu.  4) Trying out the new (to me) vintage egg cooker for the first time to poach eggs. Eggs benedict brunch a success!

December 2013 in Photos

January 4, 2014

1) Visiting Texas, where the waffles are Texas-shaped. Of course.  2) My sister, the bride.  3) Home sick with a cold for 5 days, I drank hot water with lemon and honey in my Hyphen mug. As you can see, I am fond of white ceramic objects.  4) Surfacing from Embarcadero station one typical San Francisco December morning.

November 2013 in Photos

December 12, 2013

1) Oh, just a foggy morning in San Francisco.  2) Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I especially love wearing capes.  3) Visited the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park and took an excellent tour of the mill built in the 1850s. Learned about the mechanics, which allowed just one person to run the place, and also where the phrase “fair to middling” comes from. Despite state budget cuts, the park is still open due to the generosity of donors and volunteers.   4) After Thanksgiving dim sum, stockpiled Sriracha at a local 99 Ranch. It was even on sale. They must not have gotten the memo about the impending shortage.

October 2013 in Photos

November 8, 2013

1) Oh, it’s just Calvin Johnson singing a few songs at a friend’s backyard wedding.  2) In San Francisco’s Richmond district, lost umbrellas at the Asian grocery store?  3) The best I could do for National Cat Day.  (And by that I mean I just took the picture of someone else’s knitting. Knitting is not one of my skills.)  4) Taking WritersCorps students on a field trip to a ceramics studio, glazes doled out in ice cube trays.

September 2013 in Photos

October 4, 2013

1) Stil life, post-travel. Partial contents of a backpack.  2) Cabin life at a friend’s camping wedding.  3) Puddle splashing on a rainy day in SF. All of the colors of the raincoats and boots were so great. Wish I could have captured more of them.  4) I have limsanity! Phillip Lim for Target travel valise.


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